Ceramic crowns and replacements

Keramické korunky a náhrady

Ceramic veneers

are thin shells of ceramic material that are custom-made in a dental laboratory based on dental impressions. The advantages of ceramic veneers include their excellent aesthetics, indistinguishable from natural teeth, strength, and resistance to pigments and discoloration.

Ceramic crowns

They differ from ceramic veneers in their coverage. Ceramic crowns cover the entire surfaces of treated teeth. They are the method of choice for teeth that require more extensive treatment.



It enables exclusive same-day treatment and fabrication of smaller-sized crowns and bridges on demand. Your teeth will be scanned using a computerized system, a treatment plan will be designed, and based on the data sent to the milling machine, your new teeth will be fabricated on the spot! It is one of the latest trends in dental clinics, and its enormous benefit is saving a significant amount of your time waiting for the work to be done. You will see the result immediately.

Anatomic zirconia

Zirconia is a highly aesthetic solution for metal-free fixed prosthetics. It is characterized by high strength and aesthetics. Its aesthetic appearance can be enhanced by the application of ceramic by a dental technician. With us, you can obtain zirconia crowns using the Cerec method, which allows for same-day production thanks to Cerec SpeedFire, enabling rapid finalization of zirconia crowns.


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